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Please read about the family's history as it is part of the descendants of Johann Christoph Blomeyer (1761-1823). 

The association was set up to foster family ties and solidarity among family members within the BLOMEYER family and is named "VERBAND DER FAMILIE BLOMEYER e.V.".

Genealogists have found evidence for the surname Blomeyer after the war of 1618-1648 in the regions of the upper Main, in the border area of Westphalia and Lower Saxony and at the Solling, a chain of mountains around the upper Weser. In the church books of communities around the town Ulsar at the Solling one can find the name Blomeyer quite often. Family members were known as enterprising, courageous and open towards innovations. They were mainly craftsmen and farmers. Johann Christoph Blomeyer (1761-1823) was born on a farm at Wiensen near Uslar like his older brother Johann Friedrich Blomeyer (1754-1820). This farm, which is in possession of Eckhard Blomeyer - the great-great-great-grandson of Johann Friedrich Blomeyer - is to many bearers of the family name the founding place of the family. 

Descendants of Jobst Heinrich Blomeyer (1722-1780), who was an uncle to the at Wiensen living Johann Friedrich (and his brother Johann Christoph), emigrated 1846 to the United States of America and founded the American branch of the family with more than 300 descandents until today. Johann Christoph Blomeyer, who as a younger son took over the farm of his wife Charlotte, born Richter (1768-1849) at Gierswalde, sold this place and became in 1802 tenant of the domain at Trendelburg, where one can visit his grave today.

The association of the Blomeyer family is the community of descandents of this man and his wife, who had 12 children. 

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